We’re not just a bed and breakfast.

Bike Shop Services

New for 2020 is our in house bike repair. Let us repair or maintain your ride. Emergency and same day service available.

Whole Bike

Tune-up - $49
You should have a tune-up once or twice a year to keep your bike running like new. This tune-up includes:

  • Check the condition of the chain and tires
  • Removal of the cranks to inspect and adjust the bottom bracket
  • Torquing ALL bolts to spec.
  • Truing wheels
  • Adjust the hubs
  • Adjust the head set
  • Cleaning the frame
  • Replace parts as needed (additional cost for parts and labor)
  • Complete removal and thorough cleaning of the driveline.
  • Lubrication drive train
  • Test ride to make sure everything works as it should

Overhaul - $89


Brake Adjustment - $15
Brake Pad Replacement - $ 15
Cable/Housing - $15
Brake Replacement - $16
Hydraulic Brake Bleed - $45


Cable/Housing Replacement - $15
Chain Replacement - $15
Cogset Replacement - $15
Derailleur Adjustment - $15
Derailleur Replacement - $19
Drivetrain Cleaning - $40


Headset Adjustment - $15
Headset Overhaul - $35
Headset Replacement - $30


Fix a Flat - $15
Hub Adjustment - $15
Hub Overhaul - $30
Spoke Replacement - $24
Wheel Build - $70
Wheel Build (out of store parts) - $90
Wheel True - $20
Replace Wheel – front - $15
Replace Wheel – rear - $15

Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket Adjustment - $16
Bottom Bracket Overhaul - $30
Bottom Bracket Replacement - $30


Derailleur Alignment - $30
Dropout Alignment - $30
Fork Installation - $50
Suspension Fork Maintenance - $45


Basic Computer Installation - $15
Flight Deck Installation - $35
Handlebar Swap - $35
Kickstand Installation - $15
Mirror Installation - $15
Rear Rack Installation - $19
Stem Swap - $15
Tape Handlebar - $20
Handlebar Grip Replacement $15
Replace Shifter - $24/ea

Bike Assembly

Build a Bike – Starts at $125, includes follow-up adjustment.

Private Vegan Dinners

We know it can sometimes be hard to find vegan food in a small town. We can provide a healthy, wholesome dinner for your group right here at Allegheny Trail House. Just ask for details and a menu.

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Boxed Lunches

All vegan take away lunches available to keep you nourished for your days adventures. Ask for details and a menu!

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Well-Reviewed Everywhere

“This is a very bike-friendly guest house in the middle of a college town. The owner is master bike mechanic who can lend advice and tools for adjustments, and he has secure overnight storage for bikes. Jason also happens to be vegan and cooked us up a fine and filling vegan dinner, and breakfasts too. There are plenty of eating choices within walking distance for the carnivores out there. It is UP the hill from the GAP but then EVERYTHING is up the hill ! Easy to get to and you'll feel right at home.”

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